About Us

Dream Realizations 501(c)(3)

We are a non-profit, Educational Support Services Organization designed to facilitate Colleges, Universities, and other entities in providing effective math instruction.

Our Beliefs

Traditionally, the numeric symbols are introduced along with the alphabet. We believe that the introduction of numeric symbols is premature and prevents us from seeing the patterns that various numbers make. Furthermore, this early introduction and our conversational language prevents seeing the beautiful metapatterns of polynomials, which are easily recognized when various quantities are represented in different base systems. Once you subQuan, the fog of math dissipates and numerical instincts are restored.

Corporate Overview

Dream Realizations (DR) was created in May 2010 to further the findings of Danielle Cooper Patterson and ItOnlyTakes1.org in regards to math visualization. DR is a non-profit Educational Support Service Organization 501(c)(3) status.

DR is seeking solutions to the falling status of American education for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Our solution uses the visual instinct to recognize numbers and patterns in numbers (metapatterns). DR has uncovered a way that can take a student into the algebraic equations required for STEM. DR's initial focus will target college math remediation, although we have done volunteer studies at the 5th, 8th, and high school level. In the spring of 2011, we also investigated pre-school children's number instinct abilities. DR's goals with college remediation will be to give students a greater understanding of numbers, equations, and their connectivity to the learning that hasn’t made sense for many years AND to supply those students with enough core knowledge to facilitate their chosen career goals.

Dream Realizations has adopted the following objectives as a plan to meet its mission:

1) Develop alternative methodologies based on the visual instinct to support the understanding of numbers, specifically as they apply to polynomials.

2) Develop technological tools to facilitate these methodologies.

3) Develop home-schooling discovery curriculum to supplement one-on-one learning.

4) Develop a supplement curriculum to greatly decrease the flow of college students abandoning their dreams.

5) Perform brain-based research to facilitate the adoption of these methodologies into the public education system.

6) Develop in-service training of these methodologies for school districts.

Dream Realizations believes that we can foundationally change the way mathematics is taught from Kindergarten through higher education. As such, DR is continually seeking support in the form of contributions, assistance in development, collaboration on other scientific concepts, and spreading the word of DR's solutions and needs to others.

Our Team

Danielle Cooper Patterson (Cooper Macbeth - SL)

Danielle Cooper Patterson has a BSEE and MSEE from the University of Missouri. She has an additional 40+ post master graduate hours in education and virtual world technologies from Texas State University, Avila University, University of Washington, and Boise State University. She utilized her knowledge for twenty years in Silicon Valley, CA; Phoenix, AZ; and Austin, TX solving computer architectural problems. These problems ranged from chip development to digital animation, from asset depreciation to data warehousing, from nuclear bomb simulations to medical instrumentation. Her customers included Amdahl, Apple Computer, Cisco Systems, Disney, DreamWorks, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, IBM, Lawrence Livermore Labs, Motorola , Nvidia, Sandia Labs, Siemens, U-Haul International, Warner Bros., and scores more.

In 2000, Danielle changed her focus to investigating the problems plaguing the United States' educational systems in its inability to produce enough qualified computer and electrical engineers. After quickly honing in on math education, she taught high school mathematics for five years and substituted for two years in Austin, TX, the Greater Philadelphia area, and finally Kansas City's lowest performing school districts. By 2008, Danielle had identified some very unusual conflicts between math pedagogy and technological advancements. By-passing the research into why this happened, she instead focused on finding alternatives to solving the issue. She has discovered several radical fundamental changes that can be made in math pedagogy and has found considerable neurological research to back her findings. She is developing new mathematical pedagogy to transfer the understanding for many mathematical concepts from the pre-frontal cortex to the visual cortex. She has personally followed each technological advancement and is fully dedicated to developing tools in the most recent technological advancement: virtual worlds! She is currently Curriculum and Instruction Developer for Dream Realizations and Director of Research and Development at ItOnlyTakes1.

Rebecca Patterson (RebeccaLPatterson - SL)

Rebecca Patterson graduated from Purdue University with a Math and German BA. She received her Masters in Secondary Education at George Fox University in 2011. While at Purdue, she studied abroad at the University of Hamburg, Germany. After college she taught high school Math and German in LaGrange, Indiana. Rebecca moved to Oregon and worked at Albertina Kerr in Developmental Difficulties Job Training. She then taught several years at Central Catholic High School in Portland, OR. There she tutored in Math and German, which included the design of programs to fit individual and special needs students.

In 2000, her interest shifted to the development of math and language skills in elementary school. Tracking her two children, she provided math remediation and enrichment at every grade. Her experience expanded to include literature, Junior Great Books, and supplementing math curriculum for both TAG and Title I students. She is currently Educational Coordinator for Dream Realizations, Research Specialist for ItOnlyTakes1, and Development specialist for CERLabs. Having lived through the math chronology of elementary school and knowing the directionality toward advanced mathematics, Rebecca is in a position to facilitate a greater overview of what needs to be modified in our current system.

Anna-Marie Robertson (Alexsis Kamala - SL)

Anna-Marie Robertson has earned a BS in Secondary Education with an emphasis in Mathematics and Business Education from Idaho State University. She holds the Masters of Educational Technology from Boise State University and an Online Teaching Endorsement. Prior to becoming a teacher in 1996, she worked for over 20 years as a paraprofessional in an accounting firm. It wasn’t until her children began to be teenagers that she realized she wanted to teach. She tried substitute teaching and found her passion in life. From 1996 - 2005 she was the Math, Careers, and Technology instructor at an alternative school she helped open in her home district. In 2000, she shifted her focus to Online Education and became one of Idaho's first Online Math Instructors and Educational Technologists. In 2008, she expanded her horizons into international education communities. She is currently the Educational Technologist/Instructional Design consultant for Dream Realizations.


Anna was chosen to help create and co-edit a Literary Journal for the middle school English department. She has presented her poetry at 2 different conferences, one teacher in-service, and has received two S.C.O.R.E. awards (Students Can Often Reach Excellence) from the district's superintendent for writing and science. She studied Business at university. Anna has designed and created constructions in Second Life. She is intrigued about math visualization, assists with development, and proposed to DR the creation of a tutoring and research facility called the Discovery Lab. She developed a layout design, an implementation timeline, an expense budget, and a preliminary marketing plan for the Lab. She is currently a Research & Design Assistant at Dream Realizations.