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January 2016 - Book Chapter:

Chapter 9
Seeing Numbers Differently: Mathematics in the Virtual World (pas. 186-214)
Rebecca Lynne Patterson, D. Cooper Patterson, Anna-Marie Robertson
Numbers are the most powerful adjective in the human language, being that they are descriptive and quantifiable. Humans can harness that power with our eyes and our innate ability to see shape patterns. Virtual worlds afford us...

July 2014 - Move to Kansas City, MO.

August 2013 - Launch of full time operation!

December 2012 - Book Chapter:
"Immersive Environments, Augmented Realities and Virtual Worlds: Assessing Future Trends in Education"

Chapter 4
Cross-Reality Math Visualization: The SubQuan System Dream Realizations in Immersive Environments, Augmented Realities, and Virtual Worlds  (pages 57-77)
Daniel Cooper Patterson, Rebecca L. Reiniger, Anna-Marie Robertson
Traditionally, the numeric symbols are introduced along with the alphabet. Dream Realizations believes that the introduction of numeric symbols is...

August 2011 - Received 501(c)(3) status

March 2011 - Won 2nd Place for Best Educational Poster site
                        @ VWBPE11 in Second Life

October 2010 - Joined with OiED to promote Immersive Education

May 2010 - Dream Realizations Incorporated

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